Engage & Deliver

Bleachr leads the industry in providing teams,

leagues, tournaments, and events with powerful,

in-venue mobile app platforms that engage the

fan community, deliver fan convenience,

and fuel fan loyalty.


engage community

Bleachr’s innovative social platform allows any team at any level to reach its next generation of fans and build community around the team. As fans enter a stadium through Bleachr's patented geofence, they are automatically greeted and connected with others in the stadium via a dedicated fanstream – the social hub for fans at the game. Fan-to-fan direct messaging allows one-to-one or group community building within the fan base, in-and-out-of stadium.

Fan Stream
Fans are seamlessly connected with other fans as soon as they enter the stadium, creating a new way to experience the game together.
Popular Fan Posts
Your die-hard fans' top posts from your most recent game accumulate for all fans to see, comment, and vote on; furthering fan interaction outside the stadium.
Connect With Friends
Fans wonder who else they know in the crowd, and now they know. Bleachr notifies and connects fans to their friends at the game.
Whether it's at the game or at home, fans can message not only their friends, but other fans as well.
Super Fan
Fans earn points for interacting and can see where they rank. They compete against all the other fans at the game for bragging rights and points that can be redeemed as part of your custom in-stadium Bleachr Bucks loyalty program.
In-Game Challenges
Fans complete challenges spurred on by micro moments in sync with the game, moving them from spectators to active participants, and earning them notoriety along with points.
Real Time Trivia
Fans answer trivia questions related to the game in real time to earn points and skyrocket up the leaderboard.

deliver convenience

Bleachr powers in-seat ordering and fulfillment with zero integration required with stadium POS systems. This makes it easy for fans to order food, beer, and merchandise right to their seat – eliminating the need to stand in frustrating lines or miss any of the action. Integration of a team’s ticketing platform facilitates the convenient purchase of tickets through the app and optional e-tickets.

In-Seat Ordering
Fans can order menu items, pay digitally with Apple or Google Pay or their credit card, and their item is delivered right to their seat.
In-Seat Fulfillment
Our runner app pairs with our In-Seat Ordering platform, requiring no integration with your concessionaires, and providing a fast and easy delivery system for your runners.
Integration with your ticketing platform available.
Parking & Transportation
We know that parking and transportation can be a hassle and difficult to find, so we’ve made it easy for your fans. They will always know where the closest lots, ramps, and the closest transportation options are.

fuel loyalty

Fuel fan base loyalty with Bleachr’s fan points and ranking system, loyalty bucks, and rewards store, and in return collect robust data and analytics about your fans.

Fan Profile
Fans are the stars on a Bleachr App. Every fan has a custom profile that shows their game and carreer stats.
Loyalty Bucks
Points that fans earn for attending games, social interactions and purchases convert into loyalty bucks that can be applied towards In-Seat Ordering and Rewards Store purchases.
Rewards Store
Special team merchandise and one-of-a-kind team experiences can be made available for your most loyal fans in the Rewards Store and purchased with Loyalty Bucks.
Fan Data
Fan Data leads to fan conversion. Bleachr provides a wealth of fan information. Our admin module delivers teams' key data about their most important fans, including: name, age, gender, location, in-stadium purchases, likes, and more.

interactive content

Display interactive team content in a beautiful, customized native app. All of the rich content such as news, rosters, stats, schedule and standings are included with seamless integration.

Interactive Team Content
Stories, videos, highlights, and social media posts all aggregated in one place. Fan's ability to like and content on posts add a social aspect to your content.
See previous results, upcoming games, and buy tickets.
Where does your team fall? Wins, losses, playoff chances, it's all there.
Let your fans see more than a generic list. Our roster format can give fans an interactive experience while looking up their favorite player.
Basic statistics are provided at a glance for your average fan, with in-depth figures available for those devoted fans at the swipe of a finger.

Engage & Deliver