Fan Stream

Connect with all the other fans at the game as soon as you enter the stadium, and experience the game like you never have. 

Real Time Trivia

Answer trivia questions related to the events of the game in real time. Earn points and skyrocket up the leaderboard. 

Fan Profile

Fans are the stars on Bleachr. Every fan has a profile card that shows their game and career stats. 

Super Fan

Earn points for interacting and see where you rank. Compete against all the other fans at the game for prizes and bragging rights. 

In-Game Challenges

To win, you are going to have to step up to the challenge. Quick, everyone take a picture of the best dressed fan around you!

Connect With Friends

Ever wonder who else you know in this huge crowd? Now you know. Bleach notifies and connects you to your friends at the game.