You Could Call it Distracting

You Could Call it Distracting

By Harry Rothberg

I plugged my laptop in and opened up my computer, hoping to brainstorm some more trivia for the app, when all of a sudden: “ALLEZ!” I nearly jumped from my chair as the bar erupted with applause. 

What did I see when I looked up? The Wimbledon semi-final match between Rafael Nadal and none other than the Swiss legend Roger Federer.

In the heat of the moment, setting up for the tournament, we had completely lost track of time. We now found ourselves amidst Swiss tennis club members in their club’s bar...attempting to get work done...while a Roger Federer match was on. Do you see our dilemma?

Needless to say, the following half hour was filled with a futile attempt at trying to get work done while being overwhelmed every 30 seconds by an explosive reaction from Lausanne Tennis Club members. 

Eventually, I decided, “ah well, when in Switzerland…”. I got another beer and watched the end of the match with everyone else. 

Lesson learned, never attempt to get any work done in a Swiss bar while a Federer match is going on!