How I Became Bianca's #1 Fan

How I Became Bianca’s #1 Fan

By Matt Ostrow

Before I arrived in Toronto for the 2019 Rogers Cup I had very little experience actually attending professional tennis tournaments. I attended the BB&T Atlanta Open for TennisONE, but other than that, I’ve never had the opportunity to see the professionals in person. I’ve been a fan from home.

At home, I can cheer, yell, laugh, and commentate the matches all I want. But, while at the Rogers Cup, I had to make sure I was on my best tennis fan behavior. 

One of the first matches I watched featured a Canadian named Bianca. Her matches were extremely entertaining because she mixed in power shots and drop shots, all different kinds of strategy. 

I quickly got swept into the cheers of the home crowd in Canada and decided I liked her style enough to want her to win this tournament in her home country. 

The matches that I watched featured epic 3 set battles with a few games staying at deuce for what felt like over 30 minutes. She beat the number 5 seed Bertens and the number 3 seed Pliskova on her way to the final. Bianca run set up an epic final match versus Serena Williams.

It was an unfortunate short match with Serena retired due to injury but weeks later Bianca showed she was the better player at the US Open. While a lot of people I spoke to assumed Serena would win I was confident my new favorite player would win.

 It’s been a fun time cheering her on over the last month (she’s 13-0 since I first watched her play in Toronto, so I must be good luck!) and I look forward to watching her compete at the highest level for years to come.