Lausanne: A Small yet Vibrant City

Lausanne: A Small yet Vibrant City

By Harry Rothberg

Lausanne from Festival de la cité before sunset

Lausanne from Festival de la cité before sunset

One of the biggest benefits of my job is that I get the privilege of traveling to our client tennis tournaments. In a span of just over a month last summer, I went to Atlanta, Newport, New Haven, Cincinnati, and Toronto.

Never would I have thought last summer however, that this year I would get to travel across the Atlantic to Lausanne, Switzerland for work. But that’s just what happened when we partnered with the Ladies Open Lausanne.

It had been many years since I had stepped foot anywhere in Europe. I was just thirteen the last time, as a tourist in Italy. 

This time would be very different, as an adult with a job to do. After a three hour flight to New York, six hour flight to Paris, a night spent in Paris, and a two hour train ride, I finally arrived in Lausanne. 

The first couple of days that we are at a tournament are relatively open. We have a meeting or two with tournament staff, set up our booth, test the app, and take some photos and videos. After that, we generally are free to explore and get to know the city.

Walking through the streets of Lausanne, I could immediately feel the liveliness that was so integral to the small city. 

The streets were filled with pedestrians and cyclists, beaches packed in the evening even on weekdays, and restaurants brimming with people ready for a delicious meal. Public transportation is incredible and heavily used. In a city of just 130,000 people, it is incredible how much energy there is.

In a stroke of good luck, we realized that we happened to be in Lausanne during Festival de la cité, a week long street festival that takes over the old section of the city. 

Surrounded by beautiful buildings, bars and food stands pop up, along with 5 stages that have different genres of music, creating an incredible atmosphere for the thousands of attendants all week long. 

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Over the remaining days of the tournament, I got to know the city from the street, walking as much as possible. On my way to the tournament one day, I was blown away by the beauty of the parks in the city. 

One park was about a mile long, stretching all the way down from the upper part of the city almost to the lake. A sidewalk weaved all the way down through it, passing a playground, a skate park, a natural rock playground, a garden, a fountain surrounded by beautiful trees, a giant solar clock, and a policeman giving bicycle lessons to children. 

It was truly a paradise for the residents of the city. Of all the cities I’ve been to for TennisONE, Lausanne has been the most interesting and unique experience for me. 

I’m already counting down the approximately 350 days until the tournament begins again!