Newport in Review

Newport in Review

After attending the Hall of Fame Open in Newport, RI this summer, I wanted to share the awesome experiences and recommendations for your visit to the 2020 Hall of Fame Open. Seafood, BBQ, night life,

Seafood? More Like I See Food: 

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the word “tennis"? Maybe Roger Federer’s 20 grand slam titles or Wimbledon or Serena Williams’s dominance. 

To me, the first thing that comes to mind is where tennis history lies at the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, RI. Tennis has grass roots in a small east coast town (literally, the Hall of Fame Open is the only grass court tournament in North America). 

The theme of history spills outside of the gates of the Hall of Fame and sprawls throughout the entire town. Just down the street are mansions that belonged to many business greats, the church where former President John F. Kennedy got married, and various statues and monuments detailing historical moments. 

Harbors filled with yachts and a popular cliff walk near the mansion make Newport an excellent venue or this historic tournament, the Hall of Fame Open.

There’s so much to do and see in Newport, but more importantly there’s so many places to eat! As a huge foodie, here's my Newport food breakdown: 

1. Coffee: Empire Coffee & Tea 

First, we’ll start with the most important meal of the day, coffee. I can’t start my day without a good cup a coffee, so finding a local coffee spot is usually the first thing I do on any trip. 

I quickly decided that Dunkin’ Donuts isn’t strong enough to cure my coffee addiction, even though there were 3 locations within a half mile radius of my hotel. 

I needed to find the strong stuff. In my caffeine deprived frenzy I quickly discovered a spot called “Empire Coffee & Tea.” From lattes to açaí bowls to matcha drinks to cobb salads, this place is the spot. 

Good coffee, good food, and steps away from the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Empire quickly became the spot where I enjoyed the majority of my “breakfasts” and lunches. 

2. Atmosphere: The Landing 

Good food is great, but good food paired with a great atmosphere is even better. The winner of best atmosphere in Newport goes to...“The Landing.” 

Literally on top of the water, this place had the best oysters, but even more enjoyable was watching yachts and sailboats drift in the sunset. Along with sunset ocean views, The Landing hosted live music which only adds to the great atmosphere. Its allure with great food, live music, and unbeatable views made it one of my favorites in Newport.

3. Night Life: Fastnet Pub 

The Landing has a great night scene, however I prefered Fastnet Pub. Fastnet was popular among the younger crowd according to the in Newport locals, as it had a large patio with ping pong tables, dart boards, foosball, and various themed nights throughout the week. 

Studies show that millenials and Gen Z are drawn to experiences, and Fastnet found that niche with always providing games and themes to encourage guests to come back for more experiences!

4. History: Whitehorse Tavern 

Newport is full of American history, and Whitehorse Tavern fits the bill with its claim to fame as the oldest tavern in America. The Whitehorse Tavern had some good eats and a lot of daily specials that did not disappoint. Highly recommend checking out this quaint historical spot. 

5. Food: Smokehouse BBQ 

Newport may be known for their oysters and abundance of fine seafood dining, which I enjoyed, but when it comes down to it by the end of the day BBQ always wins. The food at Smokehouse was a game changer, as I didn’t realize Newport, RI would have some of the best BBQ I’d ever had. 

We went to Smokehouse more than once during our time in Newport, which tells you how great it was. Some of the best chicken wings and ribs I’ve ever had! 

By the end of the meal, my stomach was full and so was my face... with BBQ sauce, a sure sign that the food was delicious!

The dining options in Newport were endless. I could spend much more time there and still not hit everything. However, I highly recommend all of these places, and can’t wait to be back in Newport next year!