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BleachrONE launches new, mobile-first ticketing platform in partnership with TicketSocket

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

[Minneapolis, Minnesota] — BleachrONE will now offer all of its client partners their own seamless ticketing platform for both mobile and desktop.

Specific capabilities through this partnership allow BleachrONE’s client partners to increase ticket revenue, create a faster buying and check-in experience for fans, and capture valuable fan data. No more third party costs!

This new, full-featured ticketing platform, developed in partnership with TicketSocket, will further elevate the fan experience and assist client partners in adding yet another component to monetize fans and increase fan retention.

By leveraging Bleachr’s Fan 360 technology, the TicketSocket integration gives client partners access to one unified platform allowing for more comprehensive fan data. This data includes real-time analytics that allow events to be tracked and analyzed on-the-fly. The data also allows for specialized reporting and visualization tools for customization. Additionally, the ticket integration is fully GDPR compliant.

“We are very excited to help our tournament and team partners with this fresh, state-of-the-art ticketing offering. It’s so much more user-friendly and will give sports fans a faster, frustration-free, ticket-buying experience,” said Kristin Geer, BleachrONE CEO.

TicketSocket's easy-to-use platform aids Bleachr in allowing fans to purchase and access their tickets quickly, generating higher purchase conversion rates. In addition, TicketSocket’s Ice Cream Social technology allows for increased marketing reach with social media and AI-driven marketing tools, driving more purchases by automatically rewarding fans who generate the most ticket referrals. The ticketing platform is available for implementation in all of BleachrONE’s partner apps.

About BleachrONE BleachrONE is a mobile sports innovator whose proprietary platform serves as a powerful mobile marketing and monetization solution for over 25 global sports partners and has powered millions of fan interactions around the world. Partners include professional tennis tournaments worldwide, independent baseball league partners, as well as dozens of colleges and universities in North America. All BleachrONE applications are available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

For more information on how to download all BleachrONE mobile applications, please visit

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