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Fan Monetization: Embodying Key Fan Lifecycle Drivers

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

You’re mostly likely reading this as a team, tournament, league or athletic department looking for ways to engage your fans and ultimately improve your bottom line. Providing a memorable digital experience is no longer a “want” in today’s mobile world — it’s a necessity. We excel at providing you with valuable returns for investing in this technology.

With BleachrONE mobile app solutions, we’ve found ways for you to not only acquire, retain and engage your fans, but we’ve also found ways to monetize them.

Ticket Sales

We know we don’t need to tell you that mobile ticketing is not a thing of the future, mobile ticketing is NOW. Stadiums are flocking towards an all-mobile ticketing system. Why? Well, there are some practical reasons such as reducing risk of fraud, enabling organizations to better capture fan data and increasing sustainability efforts by going paperless. But truly, the main reason for this digital shift in sports is because creating the best fan experience is essential to staying ahead of the competition. Sports organizations are constantly looking for ways that digital can complement, not complicate, a fan’s experience.

  • Mobile Ticketing offers a new level of convenience for fans who are already glued to their smart phone: fans no longer have to remember to bring a ticket, it makes the lines move faster and keeps fans in ONE app instead of moving from platform to platform. BleachrONE offers a wide range of ticketing options to our partner clients, including our own native ticketing solution along with integrations from some of the world’s largest ticket providers.

  • In-App Push Notifications that promote ticketing are a great way to convert mobile fans into paying mobile fans. Send out a Push Notification advertising the tickets and link it to your ticketing account. Then sit back and watch the conversions.

  • Another way to promote ticketing through mobile is by creating a card on the app’s customizable Home Screen. The Home Screen is the first screen that users are brought to on the app, so you can be sure it will get a ton of eyeballs. This card can include a title, subtitle and graphic of your choosing and bring your fans from the Home Screen directly to your ticketing.

Merchandise Sales

Mobile e-commerce is on the rise and it’s expected to surpass online shopping via desktop in the next few years, so it is important that your organization doesn’t fall behind. Think Amazon, not Sears.

BleachrONE’s mobile solution offers the option of in-app merchandise sales so you can be sure that your fan’s buying experience within your organization matches their current buying trends outside your organization.

Like ticketing, you can promote merchandise sales through the app with both Push Notifications and a custom Home Screen card. Incentivize fans to pre-order merchandise with a simple Push Notification that will lead them straight to your online store. Create a merchandise advertisement within your Home Screen that drives fans to buy. However you choose to showcase your offerings, fans will appreciate the ease of accessibility to purchase their favorite items from your team, tournament or league.

In-Seat Ordering

In-Seat Ordering is BleachrONE’s bread and butter. We’ve been doing it — and doing it well — for quite some time now. Our system is simple, it’s effective and it will further monetize your fans.

In-Seat Ordering is just another way that our mobile app solutions complement the fan experience. Fans never have to miss any of the action because they can simply open up your app, pick their food and have it delivered straight to their seat in minutes. In total, we’ve had almost 14 thousands fans and counting order food and drinks through our apps.

To learn more about how you can maximize revenue with In-Seat Ordering at your event, check out our In-Seat Ordering Best Practices article.

Express Ordering

Express Ordering is similar to In-Seat Ordering in the way that it allows fas to spend less time waiting for concessions and more time watching your event.

Sporting events are often plagued by long lines and the line for concessions is no exception. With Express Ordering, fans can use the app to select what they want and then skip the lines and go directly to the pick-up point when their food is hot and ready.

Express Ordering works well because it attracts the fans who lack the time or patience to wait for their food. Leverage Push Notifications to capture these fans by promoting Express Ordering right before the concession lines are at their longest: during breaks in play or before the event starts. We also recommend using signage around your venue and stickers or flyers on the backs of seats to raise awareness about Express Ordering across your fanbase. Like In-Seat Ordering, Express Ordering can be enough reason for your fans to download the app. So spread the good word!

Unique Sponsor Engagement

As you well know, sponsorship in sports is a huge revenue generator for any organization. But in a crowded media landscape, how do you make your sponsorship options stand out for prospective brands? Have you ever thought about using your fans to drive sponsorship opportunities?

With our Fan Central feature, sponsors become integrated into the fans’ experiences. Sponsored Challenges and Trivia are a great way to engage fans through sponsorship activation. Sponsor-driven challenges create a one-of-a-kind opportunity for sponsors to directly interact with fans while at the event. Additionally, once a fan submits a sponsored Challenge, that Challenge is entered into the Fan Stream for everyone to like, comment and view. This not only provides additional sponsor impressions but also a great deal of valuable user-generated content for both you and your sponsors.

For more ways to activate sponsors through Fan Central, read our Challenges and Trivia Best Practices article.

Have we convinced you that investing in a seamless mobile experience is worth it yet? For further questions on how we can help your fan lifecycle flourish, feel free to email us at or visit our website.

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