Gather friends for a live-action watch party to celebrate a shared sports experience & maintain an emotional connection to teams & players. Host virtual tailgate parties on gameday. 2nd screen platform for alternative livestream and games synced with live action. Live game action when broadcast rights allow. Remote Monetization Opportunity for Teams CrowdVIEW LIVE’s GameDay Food & Beverage Home Delivery.


Subscription-based sports livestream designed to create connections to the fans. Generate revenue for players & teams. Fans can join the stream for a Q & A. Player can choose to host a live watch party with fan upgrade fees.

White-Label Ticketing

Increase ticket revenue, create a faster buying and check-in experience for fans, and own valuable fan data with Bleachr's white-label, mobile-first ticketing platform. Elevate the fan experience while adding yet another component to monetize fans and increase fan retention. Leverage Bleachr’s Fan 360° technology and gain access to one unified platform that allows for more comprehensive fan data.

Fan Engagement

Drive loyalty and create lifelong fans with state-of-the-art fan engagement. Help fans connect with one another through our patented, geofenced Fan Central. Test your fans' knowledge with engaging Trivia, and create buzz with Fan Challenges.


Exclusive Fan Loyalty & Rewards Partner of:

Sponsor Integration

Offer your sponsors valuable real estate with easy-to-integrate sponsored banner ads, home screen cards, features, or even the app itself. We've worked with many teams, tournaments, and schools to integrate sponsorships in active and engaging ways to better serve both your sponsors and fans. Utilize the Fan Stream, Challenges, and Trivia to present sponsorships in an entirely new, unique, and engaging way.

Exclusive Fan Loyalty & Rewards Partner of:

Scores, Schedules, and Statistics

Keep fans in the know, up to the exact moment, with the fastest live scores, schedules, and statistics. Whether they're at the game, home, or halfway across the world, fans can keep track of all their favorite players, teams, and events right at their fingertips.

In-Seat Delivery & Express Ordering

Your fans won’t miss a moment of the action with our in-seat delivery platform. Elevate the fan experience and generate a new revenue stream by allowing fans to order their favorite food and drinks right to their seats. Our in-seat delivery platform is simple, intuitive, and time-tested, with over 19,000 orders placed and counting.


Our state-of-the-art interactive Draws showcase an in-depth view of the event as a whole. See an overview of every game or match, navigate to player pages and game/match summaries, and track live scores. Our dynamic and engaging draws integrate our live scoring module to ensure your fans have the most updated information as soon as it happens.

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