Nick Kyrgios Controversy

The Most Controversial Player in Tennis

By Brandon Schenck

There’s been a lot of press surrounding Nick Kyrgios lately. So, I’m going to add yet another Nick Kyrgios related article to your feed. 

It all started when I saw a crowd of people rushing towards the basketball, table tennis, and soccer section of the venue. 

When I got there the tournament director was interviewing Kyrgios, asking him if he was excited to play in Atlanta and how he felt about his chances. The same stuff he would ask all the other players. 

But things got interesting when the tournament director asked Kyrgios to demonstrate how to “take out an opponent” in ping-pong.

Immediately, we all understood that the director was referencing the Nadal and Kyrgios match at Wimbledon. 

Everyone, including myself and Kyrgios, were overcome with laughter as we walked to the other side of the table. 

As soon as the tournament director served the ball, Kyrgios responded with a massive forehand that put the ball back into the director’s chest, mimicking what Kyrios had done to Nadal at Wimbledon. Everyone was laughing, even the director that had just gotten hit in the chest! 

Afterwards, everyone was vying for a photo with the tennis star, including me. Fortunately I somehow found an opening and was able to meet Kyrgios and take a photo with him.

I had a huge grin on my face (as you can see from the photo), but his face looked like it was made of stone when we took the photo. 

Later, when I saw the photo, I busted out laughing because you can tell that our personalities are polar opposites just by looking at the photo.

All in all I was really grateful to meet him. It was an experience that I will never forget! And one that I will think about every time I see his name in the headlines.