Get to Know TennisONE's Top Spin Contributors

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Amy Lundy

Amy Lundy is a sports journalist and content producer for multiple television and digital platforms. Amy’s reporting and writing has appeared on ESPN’s Outside the Lines,,, CNN, and The Golf Channel.  She’s an avid amateur tennis player and team captain and enjoys all aspects of learning, competing and community-building in the sport of tennis.

Amy’s latest Spin articles:

“The Opposite-Gender Hot Ticket”

“The Numbers Behind Federer Now”

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Richard Pagliaro

Richard Pagliaro became a tennis junkie watching Bjorn Borg out-duel John McEnroe in the classic 1980 Wimbledon final. The managing editor of has covered the pro tour for more than 25 years serving as tennis columnist for Gannett Newspapers in New York and as a writer and editor for, Tennis Week magazine and A graduate of New York University, Richard was aced by both Pete Sampras and Patrick Rafter in a pro-am match at Madison Square Garden.

Richard’s latest Spin articles:

“Wild Ride: Reviewing US Open Week One”

“Hall Mark: Memories of Newport's Hall of Fame Week”

Michael J. Lewis

Michael J. Lewis is a longtime professional sportswriter who has written about tennis for Tennis Week magazine and many other publications and websites. He dreams of one day playing on Center Court at Wimbledon, not just visiting it. He lives in New York with his family.

Check out Michael’s latest Spin article:

“The Dinosaur lives: Net play, serve and volley a hit among young female players”