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Fan Engagement: Embodying Key Fan Lifecycle Drivers

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

As the sports industry and its fans continue to go mobile, it’s important for sports organizations to stay ahead of the curve. Whether you’re a team, league, tournament or athletics department at a university, finding ways to win the attention of your strongest and most loyal fans can sometimes seem like an uphill battle.

The key to success when engaging the mobile generation? Harnessing fan energy and finding the right way to level the playing field. Simply put, BleachrONE puts the experience in the hands of the fans.

Lifelong Fans Start Here

You know your fans better than anyone. When they enter your stadium, they are buying into an unforgettable experience that you create for them. For fans, your BleachrONE app solution elevates that experience by bringing fans closer to the action than ever before. It puts the competition and in-venue experience in the hands of the fans. Here are a few examples that can help you accomplish this:

Fan Central

Fan Central is the engine behind your fan engagement for the duration of your event. Filled with dynamic user-generated content, Fan Central offers fans the opportunity to engage with not only the event they are attending but with other fans at the same event.

  • Fan Stream. Encourage fans to share their experience through posting status updates, photos and videos directly into your app’s Fan Stream. Fans can like, comment and share each other’s content to keep the flow of content fun and consistent.

  • Challenges & Trivia. Test fan knowledge and willingness to go the distance with in-app Challenges and Trivia. Completed Challenges and correctly answered Trivia questions earn fans Reward Points that can be redeemed for Rewards within the app. Read more Challenges and Trivia Best Practices here.

In-Seat Ordering

Who doesn’t want a beer and a smile delivered straight to their seat? A new level of fan convenience is achieved through In-Seat Ordering within your app. Let fans stay right where they want to be and skip the line. Read more In-Seat Ordering Best Practices here.


Show your fan appreciation by rewarding them for their loyalty and continued support. Rewards give fans the chance to earn one-of-a-kind prizes and experiences by earning points through Challenges and Trivia. Read more Rewards Store Best Practices here.

News and Social Media

When it comes to your sports organization’s news and social media, why force fans out of your app and into another when you could keep them with you? Integrate your own social media accounts — Facebook, Twitter and Instagram — straight into the app along with all relevant news and updates about your event.

Keep it fresh. Keep it fun.

So, you have your app and the attention of your fan. Now what?

Keep the content coming and keep it unique and interesting. No fan wants to do the same Challenge or answer the same Trivia question twice. A solid fan engagement strategy keeps fans on their toes and presents a new challenge at every turn.

Involve your sponsors and brainstorm different ways that you could send fans to different sponsored locations around your venue through Challenges or Reward Code scavenger hunts. Never take the cookie-cutter approach. Put yourself in the shoes of a fan coming to your event for the first time. What can you do that will give them an exciting experience and will have them coming back for more?

Take a look at the supporting documents hyperlinked above for a more in-depth look at each specific fan engagement feature and what it can do for your BleachrONE app and overall fan experience.

If you have any questions regarding fan engagement or the features that BleachrONE offers our partners through their mobile apps, don’t hesitate to reach out! We love to talk solutions!

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